Time is the new currency, capitalizing on this to increase your understanding of your business is essential for increasing productivity.

How do I find out everything that’s going on in my business today?

In Focus News is a tool created specifically for this. Understanding that business managers have busy schedules, it SUMMARIZES and PROCESSES, in a simple and efficient manner, all relevant information to create a thorough understanding of the business.

I don’t have a lot of time. How can I know what really matters?

In Focus News is a digital multiplatform newspaper (Web, Mobile, Tablet) that focuses on your business. You and/or your team can automate the analysis and search of the relevant news, thereby developing those aspects that foster the day-to-day performance of your business.

What tools does In Focus News provide to achieve this?

Are there different editions?

In Focus News issues Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly editions, in accordance with your needs. In addition, Special Editions may be issued for specific periods.

Who has access to this information?

Everyone that you deem necessary. You can provide the correct and relevant information about each person through the User Profile description.