It compares facts, information and/or events, thus providing an overall understanding of the development of these aspects within your business, for as long as you wish.

Comparatives enable users with better visibility into new market opportunities to drive revenue growth. Comparison of data across an organization can be expressed in amounts, totals, percentages, averages, maximums and minimums among others.

The value of comparatives is to compare 1000’s of items for each category over periods of time to understand relevant and focused market opportunities to drive revenue growth.

Additional functions of In Focus News

News search engine

Enables the observation of any
facet of the business as required.

Availability of previous editions

The search allows you to consult with previous editions of the newspaper so that all generated news is available at all times.

Personalized news

Allows you to create personalized news for specific dates with personalized messages and images.

Interactive commentary

Enables discussion of the news, and referencing for users through email notifications.